A Christmas Challenge

If you haven’t heard of Six items of less, you must have a look at the website http://sixitemsorless.com/. The basic idea of is only wearing 6 items of clothing for one month. Accessories not included.

I sure spend a lot and buy a lot of unnecessary things, but I sure like a good challenge. Since summer is around the corner and Christmas sales are just about to begin, I’m ready to take on not one, but TWO challenges.

Instead of 6 pieces, I’m going to allow myself a bit of room and have 10, considering Christmas parties and all. But wait, there’s more! While I’m still on my crazy streak, I’ll challenge myself not spend more than $50 over this Christmas on clothing.

I haven’t decided the 10 pieces which I will wear and just how I will spend that $50; but one thing is for sure, apart from the fact that I can teach myself just how little I can spend, but more importantly, inspire others to do the same.

Before I go on and pick out my 10 pieces, I will also recommend Bill Cunningham from New York Times. Every time I listen to him talk about women of New York, I feel like I’m listening to David Attenborough explaining the wonders of life. His videos can be accessed from the link below.



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