Casual Friday

Casual Fridays are the best idea EVER!!! It’s like saying “Don’t work too hard today because it’s just getting too close to partying time:)”.

Even if your work place allows Casual Friday, you have to dress at least with the intention that you will work at least a little.

SO I’m always at this dilemma on Friday mornings; what can I wear so that I’m casual but still stylish and comfy.

Simple, wear similar type of clothes but in a lighter and brighter colour!

ORRRR if you’re not a dare devil, then try seriously colourful accessories like these!

1. Soft Skirt Midi Dress {ASOS}; 2. Lulu Clutch {Etsy}; 3. Faccia Leather Pouch {Etsy}; 4. Valetta Coral Bow Slingback {Topshop}


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