A Zara-Coloured Winter

Zara Sydney finally opened today! I waited in line to get a chance to grab something from the new store. To my surprise, I didn’t leave the store with a Zara paper bag! HOWEVER, I did leave the store with comfort of knowing that this winter we will be seeing a lot of colours and tones.

It is SO HARD to wear colours in winter! Coats get dirty quite easily especially when you wear them nearly EVERYDAY; and even when you wear ’em, how on earth do you pair black pants with light coloured coats?

I will find answers. First of all though, I must get me self a good pair of skin coloured stockings. Aren’t they just so expensive?

A colourful combo for autumn. I doubt I’ll pull that off, might have to resort to black beige coat!

The opening of Zara Sydney Store

1. Primary Shift Dress {BHLDN}; 2. Summer Mac with Peter Pan Collar {ASOS}; 3. Chrystie Street Rosalee {Kate Spade}; 4. Joie Kass {Solestruck}


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