Catherine Middleton (HRH Duchess of Cambridge), her reception white gown

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is the person EVERYONE is talking about. Royal enthusiasts or not, April 2011 is ALL about Catherine Middleton.

You know what I REALLY like about her? I love her confidence. She may not have been born into royalty, but everything about her is elegant.

Now, the main purpose of this post. Her OTHER wedding gown, for the reception. I think by now everyone should have a very thorough understanding of her ceremony dress at the Westminster Abbey and it’s now time to pay a little more attention to the OTHER one.

This is also a Burton creation. The London Times has called this one her Evening gown, but when it’s white and shiny it’s a wedding gown to me.

For a commoner of a commoner like me, I would totally wear this to my wedding. I would also choose Pippa’s dress, which is equally beautiful and elegant.

And here is a photo of Pippa Middleton with two cute flower girls!!

For more photos, please visit The Times.

If you are not sick of looking at the royal wedding picture yet, try scanning through this page.

Next post: The Guests & Copycats!!


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