Royal Wedding Gown REPLICAS!

Let’s talk about replicas. Nowadays, people take replicas for granted. You would think that because there are so many of them and they are RE-created so quickly, they are easy.


Especially in the case of a royal dress, there are a lot of details to take in.

Check out a compression of details of Kate’s dress.

Let’s start with the 1st: Faviana
I have to say this is a pre-tty good knock off by Shala Moradi. It has been made with French Lace and Satin.

Actually, what’s really amazing is that she rolled out the reception dress, Pippa Middleton’s ceremony AND reception dress AT THE SAME TIME!

Second on the list: JS Collection

The likeness is fairly obvious. I feel this photo somewhat exaggerates the model’s body a little doesn’t it? Her legs seem WAYYYY too long.

At Nordstrom, you can purchase this for only $698! What a bargain!

Third place: Maryrose McGrath

Again, another one of those gowns created in just 24 hours! What I am really impressed by this replica is the flower which has been added to the bottom part of the dress. The other replicas seem to concentrate on the general shape, the corset and the lace.

This is selling for something like £1500. Don’t feel like a Princess? This is a princess price tag.

Fourth the Final: Jane Yeh

In mere 12 hours, a close neighbour of Oz made this dress. The time is REALLLY impressive, however, this looks like it’s been rushed.

This could be due to the photo, but the bottom half seems more yellowy than the top half. Regardless, this is an excellent replica.

For all the fans out there, I also recommend this page, where other replicas around the world are introduced.

ANNNNNDDD here are the guests

Our Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. I think she looks beautiful in this outfit. I wish she would do this more often….

Beautiful colour! Not sure about the combo. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat! I wish I can pull that off!

She always looks so thin and fragile to me, but still beautiful.

This hat totally reminds me of that moment when Kate Winslet steps out of that coach..*SIGH*

CHECK OUT THOSE HEELS!!! She’s pregnant!!!


Uhhh… 1 point for trying.

The last few pictures have been taken from this blog here. Check it out.


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