Winter Style Copy Cats

I found this super chic lady from one of my favourite blog sites: Style Copycat. They’ve got great images for inspiration throughout the seasons.

While I was looking for some inspiration for our up coming winter, I found this outfit. So I put together 2 copy cats.

If I have to describe this outfit in one word then it will be: SIMPLICITY. This one is about minimal chic. The two essential elements that I have used to pick up my copy cat are chunky knit cardigan and simple shift dress. So I can see this being a wonderful outfit for work. 

1. Chunky knit {ASOS}; 2. Patent Leather Wedge {net-a-porter}; 3. Cotton Tank Dress {net-a-porter}; 4. Square bangle pack {Topshop}; 5. BDG Primary Satchel {UrbanOutfitter}; 6. Night Merge {Need Supply}.

Option 2 is for someone who is on a tighter budget.

1. Villa Long Shawl Cardigan {ASOS}; 2. Suede platform wedge heel {UrbanOutfitter}; 3. Tall Black Elastic Waist Shift dress {TOPSHOP}; 4. Interlinked Bangles {Forever21}; 5. Faux Crocodile Skin Clutch {Forever21}; 6. Mina {NeedSupply}.


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