Tailored Watch

The last time I bought a watch I remembered it took me exactly 2 months. Yep. 2 Months.

During that time, I adopted 2 guinea pigs, gave up painting for a little bit, learnt to cook French Onion Soup and finished watching How I Met Your Mother. All 5 Seasons.

True story.

What I COULD have done however was find Felix. I could’ve told him that I’m not willing to pay a lot, but I wanted a masculine looking watch that is sexy and it’s casual enough to wear while doing my Saturday shopping and good enough to wear to a serious dinner party with ma serious peeps.

I talk about him like he’s my good friend but I have no idea who he is or what he looks like, but his website makes him sound awwweesome. It’s my greatest discovery since Peanutella!!

Get a better idea of what he does from this website!


4 thoughts on “Tailored Watch

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting the website! After 2 months of searching, I bought something from ASOS. But the watch is too big so I stopped wearing it. Something similar to the 70s Bulova with integrated bracelet you’ve shown on your blog.

      I’ll be sure to enlist your help the next time I need a watch!

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