Flying Chicken & Cy Twombly

The train ride from home to work every morning is very important to me, because it’s a transitional period from my Zombie state to functional human state.

So this morning, during transition while on transit, there was a dirty coloured ibis flying across the train tracks. But  I saw a white CHICKEN. Flying. According to my bf, I scream like a seagull. So when I tried to scream and hold it back at the same time, I made a sound which sounds like when a seagull screams while getting kicked in the face.

It was a scream & choke. It was a scr-oke.

What’s worst, it was a packed train. No doubt, I was stared at. However, due to my fast reflexes similar to how I stopped my scream short I went back to my serious composed state. The only person who can link that sound to my face are the people immediately next to me… They are to be eliminated. One day.

Anyhow, so someone else who makes me imagine things is Cy Twombly. I don’t really get ALL his paintings, but they make me imagine stories and colours.


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