Can’t believe I’m posting about Louis

It’s funny how I don’t really like LV even though I think Jacobs is such a cool designer. Maybe I just don’t have expensive taste?

Either way, I actually really like LV Menswear S/S 2012! Well, I really really like the logo. I’m not sure if it’s new, because I have never paid attention to LV menswear before, but I would actually consider wearing this…



Wanna see more boys like this one? Check it out from Vogue Australia.

And this is my creation:

1. Lyle & Scott Sweat Shirt Baseball Jacket {ASOS}; 2. The Waves Tee {NeedSupply}; 3. Woven Grid Shorts {21Men}; 4. Vans Bali Slip-on Sneakers {UrbanOutfitter}; 5. Balenciaga Embossed Nylon Belt {Mr. Porter}.




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