LB’s Bathroom Renovation Advice

There are so many different ways of tackling a renovation and if you google ‘bathroom renovation’, you will get millions of tips that will make you forget your original purpose.

So when someone asked me what I think they should do for their bathroom renovation for the third time this month , I gave them 2 pieces of advice that you could use for pretty much anything: 1. What you pay is what you get; 2. Storage is VITAL.

The Price Is Right

Unless you’re a good stylist or have a good eye for quality but cheap products, don’t expect to pay Zara price and get Chanel. It just won’t happen. So while doing your research for prices, you should keep in mind that quality and workmanship is included in the prices. So yes, the second quotation of $30,000 is correct; he didn’t accidentally double the price.

If you cannot afford it, you should go with the cheaper price, but keep your design simple and expect delays or faults, it’s NOT a bad thing.

It’s natural to want more than what you pay for (at least for an Asian like me it’s natural), but having the right mindset before you start will make a lot of the research work much simpler and easier for you to comprehend.

Sometimes quality lies in the details, that can only be achieved through superb workmanship.

Form Follows Function

Here is a thing that people really need to keep in mind when choosing things for small spaces: Storage. It SHOULD be your number one priority because Form Follows Function.

If you see a picture of your dream bathroom, think about how you will use it.  Think about if you can place everything in your bathroom right now (including those extra rolls of toilet paper) into this new design. If you have to remove one item, you should look at other options. Trust me when I say, big or small, bathroom or kitchen, one of your biggest challenge is storage. Once you have resolve that, then you can worry about how to make it look nice and big.

Ever thought about where you would put the dirty clothes? How about extra rolls of toilet paper if Costco had a mad sale!!

If you’re thinking about budget renovation, I’ve got 3 websites for you: Home Life, Martha Stewart and Channel 4 host of the British Grand Design show. They are more down to earth, offers lots and lots of tips.

Or if you’re into a higher range, have a look at Bathe & Roger Seller.


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