A Stylish & Lively Summer

I don’t watch Gossip Girl but there is no doubt I am totally and completely in love with some of the looks. The Gossip Girl style is definitely something that I can embrace (although I may tweak them a little to make it less…daring).These photos of Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl are so stylish that I’m looking at arranging my summer wardrobe around some of key elements. So I have been chosen these images for 2 reasons:

1. They are not 1 piece outfit (e.g. dress), so it allows you to mix and match; and

2. Lots of colours & glitters.

Key: Bright Coloured Long Skirt.

Too Risky? Try a black one with white tank top, it can look just as stunning.

Key: The contrast of the colour.

Too Risky? Try a Navy Blazer and Khaki Green Ankle Pants. A proven formula that also turns heads.

Key: Bright coloured blazer plus an eye catching bag.

Too Risky? Try Black skirt & tank with a White Cardigan, carry a Brown Bag.

Key: Wide leg pants & See-through tank.

Too Risky? Try Black wide leg pants with a White tank outside of a Black Bra.

(I still haven’t done the black bra under white tank thing. If you have, let me know how it went.)

Key: Bright coloured halter neck dress.

Too Risky?  Try a light fabric sundress. Any colour will do.

For more Blake Lively style and photos, check it out here.


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