Online Clothing Shops – Part 1

First of all, let me make a confession, I haven’t ordered from ALL the shops below. They are just a few websites I have discovered along the way that I look forward to knowing in the years to come.

Alright ladies! The shops closed about 4 hours ago but it does not mean you have to stop shopping! Ever went home from a shopping day trip empty handed? Went shopping with a friend who didn’t want to buy anything, but left with so many bags she couldn’t hold it all herself and have to ask you, a friend who is so desperate to buy something but bought a lip balm just to stop yourself crying from the sheer sadness of not buying anything?

Fear not, my friends! Let me open the door to this new cyber-world where the shops don’t close and Amex card is accepted.

To go through the entire list of shops in my inventory will take years, so I will post them a group at a time. They are no in particular order, just whatever shows up first in my bookmark. I’ve shown just a random image from their “New Look” section to give you an idea of the website’s particular style (Yep, even websites have styles). Please note, all the websites I’ve mentioned here offer shipping to Australia.

To make it simpler for you, my comments are arranged in this sweet fashion:

Website: Website Link

Gender: You’ll know if you can pick out something for your boy while choosing yours!

Price: The $ represent number of digit. So mostly hundred dollar stuff will be $$$. Mostly thousands will be $$$$.

Shipping: This will show what kind of shipping offer they have if they already ship to Australia.

La Garconne

Website: La Garconne

Gender: Women & Menswear

Price: $$$

Shipping: Free over $200


Website: ASOS

Gender: Women & Menswear

Price: $$ ~ $$$

Shipping: Flat rate of approx. $16


Website: Oak

Gender: Women & Menswear

Price: Low $$$

Shipping: Flat rate US$38

Frock Shop

Website: Frock Shop

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Shipping: Not sure. Check before you make final payment

Far fetch

Website: Far fetch

Gender: Women & Menswear

Price: $$$ ~ $$$$

Shipping: Depending on box size.


Website: Shopbop

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Shipping: $10 if you spend under $100, free is you spend more


Website: Intermix

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$$ ~ $$$$

Shipping: Based on weight, but free if you spend more than $150.


Website: Net-A-Porter

Gender: Womenswear (they do have a Mr. Porter though!)

Price: $$$ ~ $$$$

Shipping: Approximate $30 flat.


Website: Anthropologie

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Shipping: $25 flat for a limited time. Check out the shipping info before purchase.

If you’ve got any suggestions or experiences, please share! I’d love to hear some of the good and bad stories!


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