Online Clothing Shop – Part 2

If you’ve seen Online Clothing Shop Part 1, and haven’t had enough, then get your credit card ready cos here comes more!!!!

Buy Definition

Website: Buy Definition

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$$

Shipping: $34.99 if spent less than $100; $15 if more spent more than $100.

Interesting fact: They sell Vintage.


Website: Madewell

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$ ~ $$$

Shipping: They only ship to US, Canada and Japan. But, I will show you how to forward your mail!

Free People

Website: Free People

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$ ~ $$$

Shipping: US$35 Flat rate! Yes even international!


Website: dELiAs

Gender: Teen & Womenswear

Price: $$

Shipping: Depending on your order. Best to check the shipping rate before you order.

Monk House Design

Website: Monk House Design

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$~$$$

Shipping: An amazing $5 flat rate within Australia! $15 for international!


Website: Maximillia

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$~$$$

Shipping: Another Australian site, so it’s free within Australia! $20 for international.


Website: BHLDN

Gender: Womenswear

Price: $$$~$$$$

Shipping: US$45 Flat rate.


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