Beautiful hats for everyday use

I remembered when men & women would not leave the house without a hat on. Actually I only remember from shows like Austen.

Actually, I’ve always been a hat person (kind of). I have been collecting hats that I don’t wear for years; and every time I come across something like this by Jane Taylor, I have to write out reasons why I would not need this. It’s a struggle. Every. time.

So when I came across this Etsy shop, I almost went mental.

OH I can totally pull this one off!!!! You know, while going to work. While doing the grocery…or buying food in a pet shop……..I totally can.

But to be completely not predictable, I’m going to stick to my Shopping Ban for my up coming trip to Japan and settle for something like this:

Giant clip

I’m kidding. That clip is a little too small.


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