Costco Mini Macaron Ice-cream Sandwich

While I was on a race with myself to see who can finish a box of Mini macarons from Costco (yes, Costco) fastest and finding a way of emptying out the ice cream box, I found a new combination! Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich!!

Well, I doubt I’m the first one to think of this. But let me share this deliciousness with you anyway.


My thoughts on the Costco mini macarons? Honestly, I didn’t expect much.

C’mon, it’s from Costco.

BUT, if you think of this as a little treats that comes with a coffee for your friends when they’re over, then it’s not so bad.

It’s about $17 for 24 of these mini macarons, so they’re quite inexpensive and great for parties. Just don’t judge them like you would to a Zumbo macaron.


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