Big Bright Balloons Parties

I LURRRVE big balloons! No I just like balloons. The really big ones like these. You know when you go to shopping malls during school holidays and people are giving away free balloons to kids? I always get SOOOO jealous because I want one too!

Thing is, if my parents or my bf is not there with me, then I’d happily disregard all the questioning looks the passing adults might give me as I fight through crowds of kids and get a balloon. However, before I can fight for my right to a balloon, people always ask me an extremely sensible question like “What are you going to do with it afterwards?”

I don’t know? Hold it in my hand as I shop? Make other 5 year old feel jealous? Like what else do you want?

Anyway, so I can never come up with a good enough answer or I come to my own senses in time. Until now! Until I discovered Geronimo Balloons! They are totally cool and pretty. And that’s good enough an answer for anybody. Good enough reason for anything!

So….I’ve just decided about 30 seconds ago that I’m going to celebrate my 60th birthday with big balloons. Although it’s too far away. So I might just celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday with this??? BRILLIANT idea!

Mum: You’re getting balloons for your 60th Birthday. No. I insist.


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