Hunter Valley

If Lizzy Bennet is to meet Mr. Darcy in Australia, this is where they’d meet. 

Bingley might drive up to HV in his black Merc with his good friend Darcy and his sisters for a short weekend away.  While Lizzy might be there with Charlotte & Jane while her sisters drink themselves silly with the tasting wine.

May be they’ll meet at the Cheese Talk at the Hunter Valley Cheese Company. May be Lizzy’s willingness to try all cheeses catches Darcy’s attention; while his unwillingness to try any cheese seems too arrogant through Lizzy’s eyes.

While Bingley animatedly describes his love for Camembert to Jane, Bingley’s sisters looks down at all those young Bennet girls who has to try every single Balsamic Vinegar. Twice.

May be the Bennet girls are chatting in a small restaurant while waiting for their food at Cracked Pepper, because it is the only place they can find 7.30pm on a Saturday night that can still seat 6 people. And just may be, they see Darcy & company walks in. While Bingley ecstatically greets Jane, Lizzy is upset by the sight of Darcy and her super salty Salt & Pepper Squid and Salad that took 1 hour to get onto her table. Although all this was quickly forgotten as she devours the crunchy potato chips. Occasionally catching Darcy starring at her. He must want some of these yummy chips, too!

Happy times don’t last forever, her 2 youngest sisters is drunk from all the wine they’ve been sculling and is sick in bed. Jane being the eldest & kindest insists on staying back to look after the two.

And as the sky turns more grey, she drops by Bimbadgen to have a quick lunch. And may be Darcy decides the same. Though awkward, she agrees to join Darcy for a quick lunch.

May be she never had rabbit meat, may be she was drunk from all those tasting wine, either way, she starts to enjoy the company of Darcy while eating her first rabbit terrine.

And may be Charlotte rings, she’s called back to town and offered to drive the Bennet girls home. May be the Bingley sisters had to leave too with their Porche because they simply do not enjoy the society.

And it just so happens that Bingley comes around to the restaurant where Lizzy relates her upsetting morning with him, which made him realise how wonderfully sensitive & caring Jane is.

Darcy overhead Lizzy’s phone conversation with Charlotte, and knows the two eldest Bennet girls don’t have a way of getting home. He kindly offers both a ride. Taken back by his generosity, Lizzy gratefully accepts.

And so the four drove away from the mountains, into the sunset.


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