DIY: Glitter Boots! Yay!

Now that I’m back from a long weekend and feeling so very uninspired; I thought a little bit of DIY will help me get back onto the right track?

Remember how I luuuurrrvvvv glittery stuff? If not, check out how much I love it here.

There was once where I went to Witchery with mum and tried on this glitter cladded top.  By clad, I mean it’s EVERYWHERE!!

I think my mother was speechless. Mostly because I looked so awesome.  So I did not leave the shop with it. Don’t want to lower other people’s self esteem.

So to slowly inject awesomeness into your life, try this out.



And you simply MUST check out this site that came up with this idea!

If you love the shoe but not in the mood for DIY, then get a pair that Barneys has prepared for you.


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