DIY: French Tip with Sticky Tape

Okay, some of us have and some of us haven’t. That is, attempt to paint our nails with sticky tape. Well, if you haven’t, then this should be a reason for you to try.

I would like to say, that you should definitely buy the real French Tip tapes if you are planning to DIY for an important event and it will be your first time. It’s not that the tapes are unaffordable, it’s only $6 for 20 strips, but it’s more expensive than I think it should be. And if you screw this one up, you don’t have to feel bad about wasting those tiny strips!

So, with that in mind and inspiration from The Skinny (a blog by Forever 21), I set out to complete my DIY French Tip with Sticky Tapes.

Before you start, you need to make sure you have plenty of time. Also, don’t have anything that requires using fingers lined up. For example: cooking or baking. I know it’s common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate. The main reason why though, is because when you do pull the sticky tape off a half dried nail polish, it will cost you more time and emotions than necessary. So if you don’t have a lot of time, do the base coats and prep work on day 1, and the tip and final coat on day 2.

I did everything in one arvo because I vegged out this weekend and was at one with my couch. So I was able to complete everything in one afternoon. Once you have time, the rest is easy peasy. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Prep your nails. I was totally lazy for this DIY so I washed my hands. Moisturised. Done. Oh and put on protective base coat.

Step 2a: Test if your nail is ready with a small piece of sticky tape. Put on a small area (I usually do the pinky), and if you can peal nail polish off? It’s not ready. If you leave marks on the nail polish after you peel off the sticky tape? It’s not ready. If you peel off the tape, and little marks are left on the tape? It’s ready.

Step 2b: Because my nail is quite bulgy and curved, so to curve the tape around the tip of my nail, I had to sit it almost vertically in order to fit that curve. If you encounter the same problem, you must make sure that if you sit the tape vertically like I did, make sure the tape makes contact with tape along the entire nail. Otherwise, the nail polish for the tip will seep through the opening and you’ll get this sort of bleeding by the nail polish.

Step 2c: Make sure to do them carefully and slowly. Not 5 fingers all at once, because rushing this process will not do you any good.

Step 3: Paint the French tip and wait for the tip to fully dry before peeling off. Remember, time and patience is the key to this DIY.

This time I’ve gone for the conventional combination, and used some very affordable nail polishes; but I look forward to exploring those new hues The Skinny showcased.


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