Little Bennet’s Travel Checklist

You know what’s one advantage of your excitement for travelling kicking in later? You get more work done.

These nights I’ll be going to bed thinking about what I must not forget to pack for my trip, and I’ll wake up feeling tired & buggered that I don’t remember what I said to myself the night before. So I went on to create one of my favourite things, LISTS!!!

I don’t know about you, I find packing luggage for overseas travel quite daunting. I’m so forgetful that it’s NORMAL for me not to bring my phone/wallet/key. A while back, Urban Outfitter had a rug with “Keys, Phone, Wallet” in large bold letters covering the entire rug. I seriously thought about buying it.

Well, so naturally I went ahead and documented the important items and created Little Bennet’s Travel Checklist. Feel free to download and adjust for your own holiday.

I also went around few websites and videos on youtube to find more tips and tricks. Here are just a few to get you thinking:

  1. If you are short on space & you’ve got lots to pack, roll don’t fold.
  2. If you can’t be bothered to iron your wrinkled top, leave it in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will straighten it out.
  3. Pack all twist top products in zip-loc bags. The pressure in the cabin may cause them to burst open.
  4. Keep a few sachets of favourite scent in your luggage. When you arrive at the destination, you can leave them in your shoes to freshen up the footwear.

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