Tiffany’s Suite at St. Regis Hotel

Isn’t this amazing? I’m not usually into this type of interior but I can’t help but feel envy and a slight jealousy at the sight of this.

This room is the Tiffany’s Suite at the St. Regis Hotel. You would be glad to know that this room has view of Central Park & 5th Avenue. Equipped with antique fire place, this is the perfect spot for say, ANYTHING!!!??????

So if your pocket is not so deep, but you would still like to host a dinner party waited by tuxedos, you’ll have to be Kelly Framel. The new Tiffany & Co’s Eyewear ambassador.

In her latest post, she has shared these amazing photos and seriously, check out the rest of her blog. It’s one of my daily reads.

Aaaanyway, the way Tiffany’s robin egg blue covered that entire wall with white trims reminds me of this room here:

Which is taken from another one of my daily reads Cococozy.


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