Church of Light (an alternate route)

I finally got to see Church of Light!! It’s as amazing as the images in El Croquis and even better than how my friends have described it.

What I want to do here is to show you guys how to get to the Church using the alternate route to the suggested directions on the Galinsky site.

There are two main differences to the Galinsky route: 1. I didn’t take the JR line but I used the subway lines; 2. I walked to the Church rather than take a bus.

You can choose to use the JR line, but if you decide not to purchase the JR pass, or do not want to activate your JR pass until later (like we did), then you can take the subway line which you can get off at Handaibyoinmae. Bus is also a reasonable option, but I did not want to ask someone at the bus stop how to get to the Church, juuuust in case no one knew where this Church is.

As for the suggested station stop, there are two reasons why I chose this stop. First because it’s a short walk from this place to the church, the other is because the terrain is relatively flat. Say, if you got off at Koenhigashiguchi, it’ll be a steep walk.

The great thing about walking through suburbia is the fact that you see heaps of amazing houses you generally won’t see in CBD.

Anyhow, let’s get you the instructions. Before you do anything else, you should download this map, in case you get lost, it’s good to show the local this map to in case lost.

Step 1 – Handaibyoinmae Station

Once you get off the station, hospital should be on your left and you should turn right to see this sign.

You will face a large brownish apartment building and a highway.

Step 2 – Go down the stairs 

Turn right again to face steps going down:

Step 3: Follow the footpath

Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, follow the foot path curving to the left, it will lead you to something like this:

Step 4 – Follow the map

Next is a small but manageable challenge: follow this route.

This is obviously an image taken from Google Map, in fact this is how I did my entire research.

Making this trip will be 10 minute of very comfortable walk. So if you’ve made your appointment to see the Church at 1.30pm, do not turn up at 11am like I did, because there is NOTHING there to kill time besides a few vending machine and a very large park.

When you make your final turn and see this:

DON’T rip up your map, you’ll need it to go back.

Do walk around the area and check out the massive play ground nearby, you’ll get to see a variety of house designs, some reminiscent of Ando.

Anyway, just want to share my route with you, just so you know there is more than one way of getting there.


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