Shop til you drop!

There is absolutely no doubt, that all shoppoholics would rejoice in Japan. So now that I finally get to purchase things from Topshop & Forever 21 without the shipping fee, the race is ON!!

And when I came out of Forever 21 today, guess who I saw? The Bhutani Princess!! When you see a lot of tall men in suits with ear piece and a whole camera crew following few women, you know one of them is famous.

Anyway, so back to my shopping triumph, I picked up these sassy numbers.

Top to bottom, left to right: Grey Sunglasses $7.50 {Forever 21}; Polka Dot skirt $23.50 {Forever 21}; Grey Sweater $26.50 {GU}; Tan Leather Oxfords $140 {TopShop}.

My shopping bag is not limited to these items, but I thought they deserve a post only because I think they’re a bargain.

Well, until next time! Sayonara!


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