Best Unagi on Rice!!!

Today I visited Ueno in Tokyo, Japan. And man, was that the best decision ever! For the past few nights, I’ve been craving Unagi on rice. I went to various other large suburbs, searched high and low for some Unagi. First of all, they harder to find then you think.

You see, I went looking for it the same way my bf looked for Kobe beef in Kobe. If it’s not displayed loud and clear on a big sign outside or in their window, they probably don’t specialise in it. Hence, no good.

Secondly, we found Unagi displayed on some menus, but they’re about 2100 yen for a set. For some people, this is considered quite reasonably priced, but that’s not the kind of Unagi on rice I was looking for. Oh I knew what I wanted and how I wanted, but I just don’t know where.

While on our way back to the hotel from Akihabara, which is like the Japanese comic & tech town (there’s another post right there), I decided that we should pay Ueno a visit because according to Lonely Planet, there is one famous Soba restaurant.

So after we came out of the central exit of Ueno, we crossed the road and walked into this lane to the left of UNIQLO clothing store (yeah we totally didn’t go for that Soba restaurant). And not too far down the lane we found this store:

Doesn’t look like much, but when we looked at the sign, to those of us who cannot read Japanese, there was only one thing and one thing displayed only

U N A G I    on  R I C E!

If you have tried Unagi in Sydney before, the kind of eel we get is rather chewy, well this is NOTHING like that. It’s soft and delicate, rich in flavour and fat. So when it touches your tongue it almost dissolves.

But wait, there’s MORE! For a box like this, it only costs 700 Yen!! And they give you lots of yummy pickles which you can eat as much as you like!!! WOHHHH!!!!!

Don’t be fooled by the size of that box, after my bf and I demolished our box, we were pretty full. But because it’s sooo good, we could have more.

If you do decide to swing by Ueno this weekend, the restaurant also do BBQ or things like that, so it is quite smoky in there, so don’t walk in with freshly dry cleaned woollen coats. And to get you started, here’s the map and the street view of the the lane way.


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