Fashion magazines: what are they good for?

A while back I saw an ad for a TV show where women would imitate poses of the models in fashion magazines. So you’ll get this woman in everyday clothing lying awkwardly in a bed of flowers next to a busy public footpath. Or something ridiculous like that.

I thought it was hilarious, but it made me think about the way we read into fashion magazines. I know that magazines/catalogues are suppose to ‘sell’, but I think the reaaalllly good ones are here to inspire.

The thing is, we don’t want to see practical and season appropriate clothes in magazines; we want to be shocked and challenged. Sensationalisation is what we need in order to get through out monotonous daily lives. Don’t you think? That’s why we love Lady Gaga. We love the fact that her costumes are more outrageous than her last; we love the fact that she is a little bit crazy but cool; and above all, we love the fact that everything she does is larger than life.

That’s why time after time, we (women at least) still go through Vogue & Bazaar even though we wear and look nothing like the women on those glossy pages, and I will never turn up to a construction site in Louboutin and red lip stick.

So I hope you enjoy these pictures like I have, simply because they are nothing like our everyday.



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