My dose of autumn

Honestly, I thought I will get sick of taking pictures of red maples…eventually. But I didn’t. And I probably won’t. So I snapped up another hundreds of photos of these at the Kinkaku-ji Temple.

I have to say, this temple and Nara Park is possibly the BEST places for autumn leaves viewing. Even better than Tufukuji Temple (which is what we thought was the best, and the place we went first). When we got to Tufukuji Temple, everyone had to go through a bridge to see this, but there were SOOO many people on that bridge I thought the bridge was going to collapse. This park is not as packed, and we had the good fortune of enjoying great weather for the last two days. So by the end of today, I have a good selection of autumn scenery photos.

Tomorrow is my last day in Kyoto, and I will dedicate a good amount of my time exploring all the tiny shops in those tiny lanes. I’ll let you know of what I find! Until then, have a good night (and a fruitful one if you’re shopping for the Black Friday sale)!!!


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