Last day in Kyoto

When I packed for this holiday, I anticipated for the weather to get a little chilly. Like a tee + cardi + jacket chilly. What both my bf and I did not think about, is that we’re going for nearly an entire month, and the weather in Japan went from cool to freakin’ cold!!! So I spontaneously (but reasonably) bought a coat and a seriously large scarf.

And this is how I powered through rows after rows Kyoto shops. By the time I entered the second shop, my feet were killing me, but my will was strong and my scarf was big, so I soldiered on. And I can conclusively say:

1. Japanese sure love em’ deep fried chicken strips;

2. They sure love em’ cute dresses;

3. I sure love em’ green tea ice cream.

So I leave you with my top purchase today and the yummy green tea ice cream that I just cannot get enough of.

Back to Osaka tomorrow!


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