Julia Roitfeld & Alexa Chung for Me & City

Celebrity advertising REALLY works!!!

Last year when I went to Shanghai, I discovered Me & City while my bf and I went around looking for socks. Yes, really, socks. And when we came across this shop, it was a 5 level mega shop with hardly anyone inside. So naturally, we bought our socks, didn’t give anything else a second look and left the building.

But then Roitfeld entered the picture. This Chinese brand has asked Roitfeld to design twenty pieces for the winter collection.

With a bit of lace & leather, it made me take a good longggg second look. And when Alexa Chung showed up on the front page of their website, I was thinking when will I be going back to Shanghai again.

So next time you head over to China, be sure to check out Me & City. From what I remember the stuff were pretty cheap compared to the rest of the stuff in Shanghai. And for those who haven’t been to Shanghai before, clothing is not necessarily cheap there. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE cheap clothing, but you might not like what you find. And at least the socks were reasonably priced compared to the other places we went to. In comparison, the price range is something like that of H&M or Target.

So here’s a glimpse of what I found on the website.

Let me know what you think, I’m totally shocked this Chinese brand is going so far as getting Roitfeld to design twenty pieces for their winter collection. For more images of Roitfeld design, check it out here. Which is where I found out about it.


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