Christmas BBQs day-to-night outfit

Unlike the rest of the world, Sydney siders spend Christmas at the beach, by the lake or out in the garden while someone’s dad on the barbie. This may be pretty odd  to those who enjoys a white Christmas, but quite honestly, I love Christmas and New Years in summer.

And yes, I have spent Christmas overseas where it’s cold and white. Beautiful in movies and photographs, not so romantic in real life. (But I look forward to be proven wrong.)

And one of the most common thing to do during Christmas in Sydney is to have a BBQ. Like, everyday. And of every kind. So while some might be in bikinis or tanks and shorts, I found the perfect outfit for my upcoming BBQs.

One of the first thing I always look out for, is something dark, not black, just in a dark shade. So if my sausage fell onto my dress or if the drink spills I can still carry on. Then, it needs to be somewhat acceptable to the Asian parents, not too showy. Last but definitely not least, it needs to be able to be practical for day time as well as for night.

1. Polka Dot Chiffon Dress {Forever21}; 2. Bar Detail Round glasses {ASOS}; 3. Tweed Vanity Case {Topshop}; 4. Earings {Urban Outfitters}; 5. Gold Heel Pump {NeedSupply}.


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