Taliesin : A biopic of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright, finally a feature film. I’m sure it will be nothing less than the dramatic life he actually lead.

If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry. You will. Let me just say he’s a really famous American architect. I’ll save the juicy stuff for you to find out. And you’ll find out through the eyes and lens of Bruce Beresford, the Oscar winning director for the movie Driving Miss Daisy (1990).

Taliesin, the Wisconsin home in rural Spring Green, is the former home and studio of FLW and his married mistress and also where this biopic will take place. He built this home for the two of them, and while he was away, the mistress, two children and four others were brutally murdered by a domestic worker.

This scandal and possibly many others like the Robie House should most definitely be made into films, because quite honestly, stories like that is what makes an architect really interesting. Am I right? Looks like I need to find my scandal now!!!

For more information about the movie, find it here!

If you’re an architect or and architectural student and you haven’t seen, read, study, draw, copy, dream, sketch, talk or discuss about Taliesin, then you’re probably NOT an architect.

Or, if you are not one, and your partner or friend who IS an architect, and is kind enough not to drown you with talks of Taliesin, here it is!

These photographs have been taken from ArchDaily. For a 360 Degree view, check it out here!


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