Paper Books vs E-Books

Way back when I was 15, I wanted a reallllllly large library. One that looks like this:

And I still do.

Something like the one from the Beauty and the Beast. But this e-book thing is really messing up my plan! My bf actually owns a Kindle and it looks quite good. Slim & light. Corner of the book won’t be damaged if you carry it around for too long in your handbag; and regardless of how thick the book, it will remain the same size. And not only that, you won’t EVER have to worry about lending your friend a book and the possibility of them not returning and you forgetting that they borrowed in the first place and consequently you losing your book.

But I have always loved the smell of books. I enjoy the sound of pages being turned and nothing digital can ever replace the satisfaction of closing the book as your eyes move away from that very last line and your mind still lingers onto those few words.

May be I’m being too sentimental. You know, as women would when they grow older. Or I simply refuse to move on. Either way, I’m still planning to purchase those exquisite Fitzgerald books. That should add some spice to my pitiable collection.

Above: Top row of my book shelf. Sad little space in my study.

Minus a few favourites (The picture of Dorian Gray, my good copy of Pride & Prejudice and the most thrilling non-fiction In Cold Blood).


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