For Sale $3.2 million: Rafael Viñoly’s Concrete & Glass Home

I know a bargain when I see one. So if I tell you this $3.2 million dollar house it’s a bargain. TRUST ME. It is.

According to New York Times, this house in Connecticut, located on the highest point of Ridgefield, has been for sale for years.

Look, I do understand that a normal family won’t live in a concrete block house with glass and very large windows. I also understand that people over 50 don’t like to walk up stairs that do not have balustrade that stops them from falling to their deaths. Annnnnd, people don’t like it when inside a building of 900 square metre there are only 2 bedrooms.

It just doesn’t make sense to buy this house.

But let me tell you what makes a LOT of sense.

This house, is designed by Rafael Viñoly. Buying this house, will be like buying a couture.

What’s more, this house was built for $20 million dollars back in 1993 and when it was on the market back in 1998, it was selling for $10 million. So in other words, imagine buying a Birkin bag from Hermès that cost $20,000 to make, sold for $10,000 and now offered to you at $3,200. The question is why not??????

And here’s something that blows my mind, besides the heated in door pool, you know what else is heated?


You know, so in the winter snow will just melt away and would not cause any damage to your Rolls Royce or my Toyota tyres.  Well, if the driveway is heated, then of course the garage would be heated.

So I’ll go home now and will count the coins in my piggy bank. The last time I checked, I had approximately $80. Not far away from my goal.

Images taken from here.


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