Desk-top Fantastic

Most of my close friends know that I have this small obsession with stationery (like every other girl), actually paper to be precise. Sometimes I even feel the urge to buy an exercise book even when I’m walking about in Target. It’s insane.

Needless to say, places like Kikki.K & Muji are my kryptonite. And I’m CONSTANTLY on the lookout for cuter & more useless notepads to fill up my already tiny study and even tinier desk.

So while I have the excuse to re-decorate my study, I went out into the universe of world wide web and found me-self some more things I don’t think I need but I absolutely have to acquire. ARGH! I hate online shops that force me to buy stuff I don’t need!!! Why does everything have to look soooooo good??????

My relationship with online shops is complicated.

1. Cable Organiser {A+R}; 2. Stick-up Weekly Calendar {Poketo}; 3. Juice Box Charge Station {bludot}; 4. “Anything” {A+R}; 5. Leaf-it Memo {JetPens}; 6. Geometric Stickers {Organise}; 7. Pantone Tin Box {A+R}.


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