Bags for Dudes

Do you how to make something cool nowadays? If you tell people this thing is “indie”. I’m quite sure the meaning it pretty detached to what it represents nowadays, but these days it means undiscovered. And that’s cool.

Like, Oh I found this band that’s really cool. Listen to their stuff. But hey, I found them first, so I’m cool.

Well, what does that have to do with these bags? Nothing. I just think they’re cool and no you didn’t see it here first.

I know what I’m doing. I’m hip.

1. Derby Satchel {Hackett}; 2. Leather Satchel {ASOS}; 3. Messenger Bag {Mr. Porter}; 4. Robbie G Messenger Bag {SSENSE}; 5. Laptop Backpack {ASOS}; 6. Sandqvist Roald Backpack {ASOS}


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