What to wear to a Gallery

There are people who are happy to wear track suit to EVERY occasion and events. And there are those who are happy to step out in a pair of sky high heels no matter rain or snow. I like to think of myself as as someone who dresses appropriately for events.

That is, I consciously tell myself not to wear heels when going grocery shopping; and I try my very best to look the part when I go for a stroll in the park (and no, I don’t stroll very often).

So tomorrow night, I’ll be going to the gallery to see Picasso, but what makes matters REALLY complicated is that I have to go to a construction site in the morning. Not that I haven’t tried this before, but walking on rocks and bricks with a silk shift dress is rather difficult.

I’m not saying that I want to go looking like an art critic, but I definitely want to look the part while I prance around the gallery and make my many intelligent remarks.  So while I have a whole night to dream about my outfit, I have a few formulas I’ve constructed for when I don’t have a lot of time to plan. So check them out, for when you decide to go…

Going to the gallery in bold colours is quite risky. For the general artsy world, black is the word. So colours are indeed a bold move. However, modernists out there should never conform to the the rules.

Top, Pants, Shoes.

I always find it hard to do prints. Don’t know what to match it with. Don’t know if it’s appropriate for the occasion. Well, for gallery, I feel the more eclectic the range of prints, the better.

Dress, Clutch, Shoes.

Plain does not mean boring. If you can’t paint canvas, maybe you can play with the canvas itself. Anyway, don’t you just love this Jil Sander bag?

Dress, Shoes, Bag.

If you know you’ll be stepping out of a meeting room to step into a gallery, then a shawl or a scarf will be your answer. And black, is good for ANYTHING.

Dress, Bag, Ring, Shrug.


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