With Picasso on My Mind

So tonight I went to the Gallery of NSW to see a large body of works by Picasso on loan from  Musée National Picasso in Paris. It is seriously eye opening. I mean, I have seen his works before (everyone has), but when you see his work from pre-Paris times when he’s learning from his father, through the periods of mad affairs with numerous women, all the way to the end of world war; you then have this intimate relationship with the artist. It’s as if someone just played a fast forward version of their life.

So if you happen to be in Sydney, and you happen to have a few hours to swing by the Gallery of NSW, I honestly recommend for you to go.

And if you have seen his works, well I challenge you to see another…let’s say interpretation of one of Picasso’s work.

So this is the original work by Picasso taken from here.

And here’s Barbie’s interpretation.

I’d really like to hear Shopparama & Mallhaciel‘s view on this one.

Other famous reinterpretations include:

To find out the original images and for other artistic Barbie copies, check it out here.


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