Clutch to ride to my winter

Isn’t it so weird that they call clutch a clutch?

I suppose it’s something you can clutch to…or a because it handles as well as the mechanical device in cars???

Oh well. Since shopping in our Aussie malls, I’ve been seeing lots and lots of autumn and winter stuff. While I was planning my winter outfits (yep, I plan THIS early), I was thinking, nothing will be go more perfectly with my cape than an eye catching clutch.

1. Serpentine Minaudière II {felix rey}; 2. Striped Falabella Clutch {Bergdorf Goodman}; 3. The V Clutch in Sepia {}; 4. Frosted Perspex Clutch {ASOS}; 5. Pyramid Metal Tip Clutch {ASOS}; 6. Rachael Ruddick New Opera Clutch {}.


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