Colour Palette Generator

Most of the time when I design a place I start with an emotion and a feeling. I always try to establish a sense of place before getting into all the details. And most client know what they want, but they can’t describe it. Because like me, they have an emotion, a vision in their mind that they are trying to create.

So, to make communication simpler, I always give them about 30 to 50 different images and ask them to tag those that they like. And through their choices, I am able to understand just exactly what they want.

And nearly always, I use one of their favourite image as my basis for colour schemes. I never use them exactly, but it gives me a starting point. And recently I found a tool that will help me do exactly that only FAST!

The Colour Palette Generator is so simple to use I sigh every time create my palette.

So you upload one of your favourite image and press create. A colour palette will be generated based on this image. It will give you a range of colours to play with.

Here are just some of the images I tried on.




I really really enjoy this generator, which I found via Simply Hue.


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