A working mum: Stella McCartney

I’ve always loved the behind-the-scenes of anything and everything. I don’t mean just the behind-the-scenes for movies, I mean for hospitals, farms, kitchens and above all, fashion shows and designer studios.

Especially fashion designers. I love to see them create, critique, sew & tailor, and throw a tantrum because it’s just not the way they envisioned. And this article just cements my adoration towards McCartney.

A woman who was publicly put down by Lagerfeld when he was succeeded at Chloé by a college grad and a woman who had a ‘flop’ of a first show for her own label, is now a world renowned fashion designer not because her last name is McCartney but because she designs good fashion.

Generally the message critics and pessimists have been trying to send out is how can the daughter of a superstar who grew up with wealth and connections ever go through anything that’s considered as “hardship”? Although she gets a lot of second chances and unbelievable job offers that mere middle class citizens like you and I don’t usually get, but she works hard in the studio, at her home and for a perfect and serene life.

The first time I saw a Stella McCartney piece was when I was still in high school. I can’t remember which year or for what show, but from the hazy image in my distant memory it was a simple oversized grey knit on a model with minimal make up. Even in my immature mind I knew whoever designed it, he/she designed it for me.

And after all the behind-the-scenes pictures and an extensive NY times article, I take comfort in knowing that my favourite fashion designer and someone who I aspire to be, is a working mother who designs clothes during the week and goes home to cook dinner for her husband and kids, and like to ride horses at her country home on the weekend. Is that not the most perfect life?


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