DIY Fashion: Flats Renovation

Since this DIY idea I’ve been dying to try it out on a pair of my own boots. But to be perfectly honest, I just won’t put glitter on a perfectly find pair of shoes for the sake of having glitter; rather, I’d put glitter on it to give it a second life…sort of. So I call this: The Flats Renovation!

So during work yesterday, I purchased some silver glitter glue. Yep, I didn’t purchase Glitter + Glue, I just simply purchased Glitter Glue.

And last night I took a pair of hand me down Nine West flats from mum (THANKS MUM!!!) and applied glitter!

And this is what I’ve done with it!

Goes without saying, clean your shoes first! Otherwise, the glitter will not stick properly.

Step 2: Place tape at where you want your line to end.

Step 3: Prep glitter glue & paint brush.

Step 4: Apply glitter. Make sure it’s a thin even coat, so it will dry evenly and quickly. Don’t worry you’re missing a few spots here and there. We can fix that later.

Step 5: After about 20 minutes or when it’s dried, I used hair spray and gave it a light coat. You could also use craft fixative, I just used hair spray because it’s there.

Step 6: Repeat step 4 & 5. Number of coats will obviously vary depending on the look you want. I wanted the glitter to have a good coverage but have some black leather showing. So I decided to go with 4 coats.

Step 7: Give it a light coat of hair spray before you peel off the tape.

Because I didn’t use PVA glue mixed with glitter, it’s a good idea to seal with a light layer of PVA glue before you peel off the tape. I didn’t, so I’ll tell you how fast the glitter falls off my shoe. Overall, I’m really happy with the result. Hopefully, they’ll look just as good on my feet!!!


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