Andre Villas-Boas Style

Alright, let’s talk about soccer managers.

The thing is, if you’re team is not doing so well then the best thing you could do is turn up looking sharp and stylish to lift people’s morale right? Like Andre Villas-Boas!

Quite honestly, I only just recently noticed this sacked Chelsea manager when he stepped onto the field with a killer trench coat (yep, that’s how you get a lady’s attention!!!), and I thought about blogging him, but there just weren’t enough images.

But now that he’s been sacked, I thought I better blog before everyone forget about him!

Above: Andre Villas-Boas looking good & happy.

Sorry to see you go Andre, I like your coats and I’d love to see more. But I suppose Roman Abramovich don’t see it that way.

So as we inch closer to winter (thank goodness I’m done with this rain Sydney!!!!), I urge all the stylish male to have a look at these coats.

Left column: Trench; Right column: Peacoats.

Trench 1: Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Poplin Trench Coat {Bloomingdale}; Trench 2: Twill Mac {ASOS}; Trench 3: Zip Overcoat {Barney’s NY}.

Coat 1: Three-Button Overcoat {Bloomingdale}; Coat 2: Peacoat {Bloomingdale}; Coat 3: Wool peacoat {ASOS}.


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