Don’t Drink and Drive

Today, I’ll share something really serious with you, and a story I tell a lot of my younger friends who are just getting their driver’s license.

When I was in uni I attended a class where guest lectures come and speak to us about the legal aspect of things in design and architecture. And just as the class quietened down and before he puts up the first slide, he said: “Don’t drink and drive.”

Naturally, everyone was shocked and thought to ourselves “WTF?” But he explained, that out of the 20 something years of being a lawyer, he has lost count of the number of teens or young adults he has represented. He said, the story always begin and end the same way.

You drive to a party, pub, club, whatever. You have a few drinks, but MORE than you should. Then you drive. Then something bad happens. Really bad.

You always think that it won’t happen to you. You always think that you have it under control. You goal is always to avoid getting caught, instead of make it home in one piece .

So he decided that every guest lecture he attends, he will always open with this simple warning: “Don’t drink and drive.”

Annnnnnd, as these ads will tell you, text messaging while driving is equal to a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent.


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