Oversized Delivery

When you’re expecting something to come in the mail, there is always a level of excitement and/or fear involved. Generally, a serious online shopper like me would have an idea of what sort of reaction I’ll be getting. So most of the time, the excitement comes from the arrival of a product in mail as oppose to say, something new to wear.

Well, few weeks ago I ordered this bag.

Pretty yeah?

Bet you it’ll look even better on me.

Well, so when I tracked my package and knowing it’s already loaded onto a truck somewhere in Sydney, I felt like I needed to tango. Ohhhh and when I heard someone came in through our office door I practically jumped up like I had “flubber” under my shoe.

You know those high pitch laugh people make with raised eyebrows when they’re surprised? and it comes out like “Ha.  Haha. Ha?” Well I made that. Because I saw a box like this.

And the bag itself.

Nothing much went through my head for next 2 minutes except “Wow, this is a big bag!” Overwhelmed, I stuffed the bag back into the box because when something so large sits on my table I don’t even have room to think.

So after the initial shock, I went back to check my actual order (because I swear the bag looks so normal on that model) I realised it actually says: ASOS Oversized Bowler.

You know how I got into this mess? Well, one day my bf handed me a gift card with $70 on it told me to spend it wisely, I was positively DRUNK with power and wealth, I went ahead and bought the most expensive thing the gift card allowed and didn’t even bother to read the bloody label.

But you know what, I don’t regret it at all, I have plenty of use for an oversized bowler bag in pink. Like when I need to carry a small child and my hands are full; or even lend it to the Incredible Hulk when he wants to accessorise. I don’t know. It’ll be used.


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