Man Bag: Yay or Nay?

Okay, so men don’t carry a “clutch”, because that’s not a manly thing to do. Sometime people think that carrying a clutch is like carrying a baby unicorn. Only someone who is TRULY confident with himself can pull it off.

But gents, regardless of whether you choose carry the rainbow flag or not this is starting to be a thing.

Trust me, I know. Cos I’m hip.

Just think of it this way. Would you carry an iPad case? Something like these?

1. iPad Case £304.17 {Mr. Porter}; 2. iPad Case $500 {Barneys NY}; 3. Computer Porfolio $550 {Barneys NY}; 4. iPad Case £187.50 {Mr. Porter}

So, now, something that resembles an iPad case that not only carries iPad but also extra room for keys and pen and diary = Man Clutch / Man Bag

Not convinced? Fine. But if you like to push the boundaries with your manliness read how that man in the above photo pulls it off in an interview with Refinery 29.


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