Printable Templates

Over the weekend, I had dinner with my parents and some of their friends; and some of them asked my mother why she didn’t have her own recipe book. Well, I wouldn’t say she’s a culinary genius but she’s got a few dishes that makes people BEGGING for more.

The most incredible part is that she allllllways gives out recipes, and then friends would go home and cook it, yet it always turns out different. So I thought may be compiling a recipe book like the olden days would be a good idea and I started to dig around the world wide web for some printable recipe cards.

And boy did I find meself some goodies!

You absolutely have to visit Love Vs. Design. If you are a craft loving person who loves printable templates then you absolutely need to book mark that page! Not that I have a wedding to plan, but I just think I found the perfect wedding stationery shop!

Well, more importantly though, check out their Printable Template page, where you get to download these beautiful design like below, ALL FOR FREEEE!!!!!!

Who said the best things in life are for free?


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