Challenge Accepted: Shopping Ban till Winter Solstice


Most of the time I accept challenges because I’m bored. Yep. That’s really the case.

Why? Because usually I’m in my state of awesomeness that I really don’t find things challenging. (Ha ha ha. Not true. I love a good challenge, especially with myself.)

Remember this post? When I started Six items of less, I ALREADY FAILED. How? I started with 10. Annnnnnd I crazily decided to throw in another insanely difficult challenge: Spending only $50 for Christmas shopping. Gosh, I was crazy.

But I was young.

So I’m about to start another one: Shopping Ban until the Winter Solstice.

First of all, I live in the southern hemisphere, so winter solstice is not so far away. Second of all, winter solstice is not a random date I just picked. It’s my b’day. So wouldn’t it be spectacular to end something like this on my b’day?

I had a look through my past triumphs and failure recently, just a mental list I’ve got going on along with hundred other things; and I realised that my failures deserve a real big face palm while my triumphs are rather insignificant. Like, when I didn’t injure myself when I had to cut my guinea pig’s hair.

My ego – 1 ; Guinea Pig – 0

Clearly, I needed something to trump that.

So, with the hurdles and obstacles my friend from Shopparama recently experienced (as a result of her arduous Shopping Ban for her US trip), I’ve placed these following rules on mine:

1. Make it public

Hopefully someone who sees me at my weakest hour will talk me out of doing something stupid. 

2. Absolutely Necessarily Needed Now

Purchases will be allowed only for survival in the concrete jungle. **

3. Justification requires Approval

Purchase of ridiculously cheap goods may be allowed upon approval from stone heart friend.

4. Grand Finale

The official duration to this shopping ban will begin from 6am April 1st  and ending at 12 am June 20.


Necessities does not include: clothing, shoes, bags, accessories & make up. 

So until April 1st, I will remain calm and logical. Probably start meditating to prepare for the hard road ahead.

If you have any good tips that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it.

Or, if you would like to join me, it’ll be even better if we can go through this together. Possibly celebrate with a song and dance. Or champagne. Or buying a boat. I don’t know, just throwing ideas out there.


2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: Shopping Ban till Winter Solstice

  1. My tips are:

    1. OMG don’t do it to yourself! It will only lead to tears and heartache when you finally succumb to the powers of capitalism.

    2. June may seem very close, but 3 months is a very long time. Make your timeframe shorter. Say… 3 weeks? 4?

    3. If you must do it, don’t tempt yourself by going shopping!

    And if you slip up, remember that it’s ok and only part of human nature to make mistakes!! 😉

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