Go Sweaters!

Over the holiday, I was at a shop with a male friend who expressed his general disapproval towards sweaters. Or, more like sweaters on women. I suppose he’s been seeing lots of women wearing these:

So his conclusion is: Girls shouldn’t wear sweaters because it makes us look like we’re 70.

CHALLENGE so VERY accepted.

And we all know that action speaks so much louder than words. I quickly pulled together a group of sweaters I will be hunting down post-shopping ban.

I get it, sometimes we (fashionable females) take things so very far all for the sake of looking stylish. And as with every battle fought in the name of fashion, there are glorious victories and shameful losses.

No one said being an avant-garde is an easy job.

 1. {Seed}; 2. {Secret Squirrel}; 3. {Far Fetch}; 4. {Witchery}; 5. {Net-a-porter}; 6. {Far Fetch}


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