Old Faithful Love

These few days I have been cleaning out my wardrobe for winter. You know, that time of the year where you put away all your mini skirts, silk sleeveless tops in exchange for those chunky knits and woollen coats. While I was cleaning and purging, I started to think about the average life span of my clothes.

Sometimes, things don’t last long because you’re not really attached to or not much value in it; while other things don’t last that long simply because they are not made to last that long. But I found something, that caught me by surprise, stayed in my wardrobe summer after summer, winter after winter.

See those paint stains? See the engraved wrinkles? I bought 2 pairs of this style when it went on sale. $60 it was.

I bought a hot pink suede version and this pale pink leather version. Clearly, the hot pink didn’t survive the harsh conditions of my life. But this one….this pair of pale pink Esprit boat shoes has been with me over 8 years.

I bought this pair still back when I was OBSESSED with Esprit. Way back when I loved the Esprit stuff. I even applied to work there! But no, they didn’t want me. I lived my entire life out in Esprit but they still didn’t want me. Most importantly though, I am somewhat still attached to their stuff. Illustrated by this pair of pinky. It’s been through hell and back but I’m still willing to hold on to it for just one more winter.

How about you? Do you have anything that you’ve kept for years and years that you’re just not willing to let go?


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