Sail away~

While I’ve been slaving away in the past few days, occasionally I’ve been dreaming about the my boating trip tomorrow.

Three surprises here.

1. I cannot swim.

I live on an island and surrounded by some of the world’s most magnificent beaches but no I cannot swim.

2. I am afraid of the open sea.

You know how in some film a Sea Captain would look towards the sun with only the horizon stretched in front of while, while he talks about how the sea is endless and it’s so beautiful? Well I hate that. I mean, I appreciate a large open body of water like the sea, when I’m on the beach, in a pent house, looking at a painting. Just not ON it.

3. It’s the beginning of winter

You know, when I envisage a sailing experience, I’m either singing and rapping “I’m on a boat” with T-Pain, or wear polo shirts to pose like a boss:

But by the look of the weather, I will most likely be wrapped up. Being the true fashionista that I am, every occasion for fashion show off should be valued. So I quickly put together some ideas for an outfit tomorrow. I don’t have everything on the list below, but the idea is there. It’s all about the idea isn’t it?

Boating Outfit


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