T-Shirts for boys who like to play it safe

While lots of boys out there dare to take fashion risks, many others still like to play it safe. Like you really don’t want to wear your Transformer shirt to your casual work BBQ. There are days that even my BF would stand in front of the wardrobe and ask “What should I wear?”.

Answer: Geometric Tees.

Yep. Geometric I said. Let me tell you why words & people on shirts can be dangerous.

How dangerous? Well, there was once I ate at a Japanese restaurant where all the waitresses were giggling every time they walked past this Caucasian man happily eating his ramen. I could not for the life of me understand why they were laughing as he looks nothing but ordinary. When he stood up to pay the bill however, I saw the t-shirt he wore, it was something with Japanese words written across the back of his shirt.

Okay, so I don’t understand Japanese so I STILL don’t understand why they were laughing. But while some male would LURV that kind of attention, it will be less funny if the words actually mean something offensive.

How can ‘people’ on T-shirt can be dangerous? Long long time ago, I met someone who wore a t-shirt designed and printed by her graphic designer friend. It was actually really cool. The design was one of those silhouette of a girl across the entire shirt. But guess where her graphic friend took that picture from?

A triple X website. Had it been me who was given the tee and my lovely friend explained his inspiration, I would nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeever eeeeeeeeeever step out of the house with it. EVER.

So geometry. Who would ever get angry because they don’t like shapes? No one! So get one of these t-shirt, keep ’em clean and go for this whenever you are lost. It will light the way.

1. Double Chip {Need Supply}; 2. Folk {Mr. Porter}; 3. Two Square {ASOS}; 4. Drink Beer Save Water {FarFetch}; 5. Off White Stripe Crew Tee {TopMan}; 6. Saturday Surf NYC Printed Shirt {Mr. Porter}.


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